Saturday, October 31, 2009

We had a giraffe!

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Well, we thought we had a little boy...but it turns out we have a giraffe!!!! Aunt Alexandra got Cooper a super awesome Halloween costume! Cooper wore his costume to school on Friday and, of course, was a total hit. He seemed to be very comfortable and didn't even mind the hood! Today we'll make sure to get a good picture of his little tail on his little tushy... :) So, he's got a pumpkin, he's got a costume, we're going "trunk or treating" at school in a little bit, and he's all ready to hand out candy to the kids tonight! Yay for Halloween!!

Pumpkin Family

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This is our pumpkin family. The picture tells it all...

Bouncer Fun

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Cooper tried out his bouncer for the first time and enjoyed it for a whopping 5 min. He's still a bit small from it but he is learning very quickly how to use all the different toys he has.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bear in the Woods

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We found a bear in a park in Dayton!! Oh, never mind, that's Cooper! It was such a warm day in the fall that we all took a nice walk at the Cox Metro Park. We went into the woods where all the leaves were yellow and Cooper had a lot of fun. He met some people on the trail and scared them because he looked like a bear. What a silly guy...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Favorite Monkey

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Cooper reached his 3-month milestone and is progressing rapidly. He's found his favorite toy that he immediately hugs and plays with every time. He's so much more aware now and is a lot of fun to play with. He is very picky and stubborn too though and will not let us put him down. He has figured out how to order us around already.
He sits up now and can hold his head up for over 15 min at a time. He still hates tummy time and screams when we put him in that position... oh well...

Sunday, October 18, 2009


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Mommy's cousin, Rebecca, came all the way from Arizona to meet Cooper! And Cooper's cousins, Emily and Xander came to visit too! Xander loves giving Cooper hugs, kisses, and petting him "like a kitty" while Emily is very gentle when she holds Cooper. We are also happy to pass on Rebecca's decree that 1) We kept our promise and did not give Cooper a stupid name and 2) Cooper does not look like an alien. Yes, Mommy is in her pajamas. She had to spend the day in bed with a yucky cold, but is working on feeling better so she can give Cooper a million kisses.

Friday, October 16, 2009

3 Months Old

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Cooper is three months old! It's been a wild ride so far and Cooper is growing so fast. He is now three months old, doesn't mind sitting up, plays with toys, has baby conversations with daddy and mommy, and loves Michigan Football!! He has been very popular at his "school" and has so many girls around him... what a stud.
Recently he received pictures of Maddi and Charlotte and can't wait until he gets to meet them. He's also waiting for his other friend to come anytime.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Arnold Air Force Base

So, when I was in MT, I would have gladly traveled the globe on a regular basis...but now we live in Ohio and I have a 3 month old child so traveling for work isn't ideal. But, that's ok, we'll make it work. This time I'm in Tennessee working on improving the process for testing the engine I work on. I am only here for 2 of the 4 days because I told my boss I just can't be away from Cooper for more than a night because I would probably have a breakdown. :) What did people do before video chatting?!? Looks like Daddy and Cooper are doing just fine, but apparently Cooper didn't let Daddy put him down to eat dinner. I think that's because he didn't know where Mommy went and he didn't want Daddy to go away too. Anyway...about...26 hours and I should be home snuggling with my boys! :-D

Monday, October 12, 2009

Uncle Yoshi got hitched!

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Cooper made his first out of state trip this weekend! He took an airplane all the way to Wisconsin to attend his Uncle Yoshi's wedding. He is very excited to have Aunt Mia Yia in the family now! Cooper was very curious in the airports, looking around at all the new things. He didn't have any ear problems and slept through all of the flight there and both flights back. In Wisconsin, he got to see Grandma and Grandpa Ono! That was super exciting. :) He also got to meet our family friends from Minnesota, the Van Vleets!
The wedding was quite an experience. It was a traditional Hmong wedding. It would take a long time to explain, so if you want to hear more, just ask and Cooper will explain everything. Needless to say, Cooper looked adorable...his special new outfit was a hit, and everyone there thought he was the cutest baby ever! Over all, it was a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cooper's New Hat

DSC_2317, originally uploaded by tomo.ono.

As if there was any doubt that Cooper is COMPLETELY ADORABLE....he got a super cool hat. Mommy and Daddy have been having a lot of fun using Cooper as a dress up doll and trying lots of cute outfits on him. Cooper has luckily been a really good sport about it. Yesterday we went in search of the perfect outfit for the upcoming nuptuals of Daddy's brother, Yoshi. Cooper will be wearing "The Children's Place" for the event. A dashing pair of khaki courdory pants, a striped, light blue, button down, collard shirt (to match his still blue eyes) with a very handsome and under started sweater vest in white with an argyle pattern on the front (totally not a Jim Tressel sweater vest.). The wedding is this Saturday in WI so we'll post pictures after that....too include Cooper's first airplane ride!!!! :-D

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Family

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Cooper went to the Young's Dairy Farm to pick pumpkins. He went on a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch and did a thorough search to find the three perfect pumpkins to represent the family. He wore his teddy bear jacket and had a great time being outdoors.