Sunday, August 29, 2010

My New Ears

DSC_5986, originally uploaded by tomo.ono.

Well, after about 5 too many ear infections, Cooper finally got tubes! He did incredibly well with the surgery. He was a little sleepy and didn't want to wake up right away, but once he did, he just rested with Mommy and Daddy and had a snack. And he was in a wonderful mood the entire day! He didn't even mind wearing cotton balls in his ears during bath time. :)


DSC_5981, originally uploaded by tomo.ono.

Delicious! Obachama and Ojichama (Granma and Grandpa Ono) sent us a big box full of wonderful Japanese treats! Cooper might not look very Japanese on the outside, but he definitely has a Japanese stomach! He has eaten almost every Japanese food we've given him!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I don't have time to take pictures--there's too much to see!

DSC_5924, originally uploaded by tomo.ono.

Last summer we went to Cox Metropark several times to get some fresh air and wander around. We hadn't been yet this summer, so we decided to go last weekend. Cooper had so much fun! He really enjoyed the butterfly house! He watched them fly, looked at caterpillars, and generally wanted to see everything. He was walking all over the place!

First Try at Chopsticks

DSC_5876, originally uploaded by tomo.ono.

Well, Cooper, being a very smart little boy, watches Mommy and Daddy very carefully. So, he full understands that chopsticks are utensils just like his forks and spoons. He wanted to try his own set! We have to work with him to understand a little better what kinds of food they are most practical for...but he did manage to get some yogurt into his mouth via the chopstick!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looking Cool on His New Wheels

DSC_5862, originally uploaded by tomo.ono.

Cooper received a Michigan tricycle from his uncle Yoshi and aunt Mai Yia. He's still a little small for it but he didn't mind taking a ride around the neighborhood on it. He didn't show much emotion but since he wasn't screaming, it must of been fun!