Sunday, June 20, 2010

A fish...IN water!

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Cooper seems to have completely forgotten how much he disliked the pool in MT! We decided to go for a quick swim when we got home from Ann Arbor. He had a blast splashing, and kicking, and swimming! I think it is going to be a great summer!

Checking out North Campus

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Cooper had an awesome time climbing all over the Wave Field behind the FXB (the aerospace engineering department where Mommy amd Daddy went to school!) . The field was designed by the lady who created the Vietnam War Memorial in DC. The waves are supposed to look like sine and cosine waves. I tried to explain what sine and cosine are to Cooper...but he didn't seem very interested. HOWEVER, he climbed, crawled, and rolled all over the place! He seemed to enjoy North Campus... :)

How can you have babies already??'re my cadets!

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While we were in Ann Arbor we visited the Szumkos! Christine was one of our AFROTC instructors. This was the first time she got to meet Cooper and Charlotte. We had a lot of fun playing with legos and catching up.

Hanging out in the Diag

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Cooper and Charlotte also got to hang out in the Diag for a while. We're pretty sure that even though the kiss is binding, they won't fail their first exams even though they did touch the M....neither of them technically "walked" on it!


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At Michigan, there is a tradition: kiss under the Engineering Arch and you are destined to get married. Well, why wait? Cooper and Charlotte had their first kiss right there in the middle of the arch. Expect invitations in 22-25 years. :) I suppose we should include the disclaimer that Charlotte's father, Kayu, was blissfully unaware of what we were doing... :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


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Cooper was very excited to visit Church Hill Downs and was even more thrilled that he actually got to see a race. We let him do just a small wager, and he is such a lucky little boy that his pick (horse idea what it's name was) actually won the race! Cooper won a whole $9.30! But more importantly, he got to see all of the horses and jockeys and just had a lot of fun!

Science is FUN!

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Cooper got to go to the Louisville Science Museum! He played with dominoes, built a robot, learned about the human body, and watched an IMAX about the Hubble space telescope. He particularly liked knocking down rows of dominoes after Daddy stood them all up!

Is the bat big, or are we just small?

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Both I suppose. :) We went to visit the Louisville Slugger factory and museum! Cooper got to see how the bats used by professional baseball players are made and learn about the history of baseball bats. He even got to bring a bat (more his size) home with him!

Mom, do I know that kid???

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It had been a few months since Cooper last saw Maddi, but after this initial, "Who is that?!?" moment, they had a blast together all weekend! They shared their toys and snacks, and they kept each other entertained at every meal.

Just cute.

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Sometimes Cooper does things that are unexpected and completely adorable. The other day he did not want to be snuggled in our traditional going to bed hold..he wanted to sit next to me and rock. He fell asleep right there snuggled next to me, sitting up. :)

Are you SURE I'm ready to be a big boy???

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Cooper survived his first week and a Cuddly Cub! It wasn't smooth sailing, but I can't blame him...he had such an awesome time as a Honey Bunny he just didn't want to move on! He had a rough time letting mommy and daddy go and was a finicky eater. But he was doing much better as the week progressed and I'm sure that he'll be running around in the chaos with all of the other toddlers before we know it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eating with a Fork

Eating with a Fork, originally uploaded by tomo.ono.

Cooper keeps growing up and learning new things. Friday was his last day in his class and Monday he moves up to the big kids club. As if to commemorate this event, he decided to learn to eat food from a fork by himself. He got such enjoyment out of it when he did it, it was fun to watch.