Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Michigan Stadium

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Cooper FINALLY got to experience The Big House. We went on a tour and it was incredible! We got to see the locker rooms...Cooper tried on a helmet and thought it was so cool! Then we went to check out the new special section seats and suites they put in. They were really nice...but the suites just didn't feel like Michigan Stadium. THEN...Cooper got to go down the tunnel and onto the field!!!! He ran all over the place, scored a few touchdowns, practiced tackling, took a few snaps....he tried it all! And he loved it! It was a wonderful time and we're so glad we got to share it with Cooper!!!! :-D

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Matthew and the Alien PJs

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Cooper's "cousin" Matthew came over to play Friday night! He was a little unhappy that his Mommy and Daddy left, but he enjoyed his Japanese dinner and playing with Cooper (once we got him in his pjs and gave him his paci!). It turns out that both boys have the same super cool alien of course, they had to match. Could they be any more adorable?!?!?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is this my new room?!?

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Cooper got to see what it's like to be a turtle when we went to the Boonshoft Museum last weekend. He also, played with legos, went grocery shopping, learned about recycling, learned how things are made, and generally ran around and had fun. He's growing so much every day, and we're having a blast watching him! Cooper is just becoming such a smart and fun little did we get so lucky?!?

Add it to the list...

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...of strange things Cooper will eat. He bit right into a Rhubarb. Yes, rhubarb. Not even sure what to say.... :)

Wait...Where's COOPER?!?

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Mommy and Daddy have been hesitant to leave Cooper in the care of others...we miss him too much! It took something VERY BIG and VERY IMPORTANT to get us to leave him for 2 whole nights. MICHIGAN FOOTBALL!!! Tomo and I went to Ann Arbor for the Wolverines home opener...and it felt really good to be back in the Big House! Michigan looks like they're actually going to have a team this year. And, to top it all off...Cooper had a great weekend with Uncle Efrem, Grandpa, and Susie...but he still gave me a huge grin and a giant hug when we got home. :) We've got tickets for 4 more games...I think we might try this arrangement again. In a few years, Cooper can come with us to the game!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

At the zoo with Grandpa!

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Cooper finally got to go see all the animals we read about in his books! Last weekend we went down to the Cincinnati Zoo with Grandpa, Uncle Efrem, and Susie. Cooper saw elephants, giraffes, monkeys, bears (we actually mistook Uncle Efrem for a rare breed of bear...maybe he should shave?), lions, tigers, birds, and much much more! Cooper was fascinated and did really well. He didn't get scared at all and even helped feed one of the giraffes. I think we'll definitely be going back to the zoo!