Friday, May 28, 2010

All Better

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It's been a while since we posted. It's because Cooper's been sick for a few weeks and as new parents, we were figuring out how to help him out.
So he went in three weeks ago for an ear infection in one ear. He got Amoxicilin and we thought we'd be good. Then he stopped eating solid food and started to be very clingy. After a week, he was still the same so we took him in to pediatrics again. This time he had ear infections in both ears! So we got Augmentin, another antibiotic. After a week, he got worse so we went in to pediatrics again. It was about the same so they told us to keep giving the mdedicine.
On Thursday, he started having fevers and on Saturday it was so high we took him to the ER. At the ER, they told us the Antibiotics we were giving him were useless so we need to move on to Rocephin, shots in the thigh for three days in a row.
So the next three days, he went in to the ER and got shots in both thighs every time. That was supposed to be it but with the antibiotics, he got diarrhea and that caused MAJOR diaper rashes and he went in to the ER yet again.
Now he is finally getting better and going back to his engineering studies...j/k but he is eating more and playing more and it is such a relief.
So... if anyone needs advice on ER's with babies, ear infections, butt rashes and lack of appetite, let us know.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthplace of Neil Armstrong :)

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Some parents want their kids to see all 50 states, or visit all of the national parks. My mother made sure I saw just about every antique store on the east coast. What do I want to pass on to Cooper? Air and Space Museums. :) Saturday we traveled to the little known hometown of Neil Armstrong--Wapakoneta, OH. Cooper got to see space suites, memorabilia, and the actual Gemini VIII spacecraft that was piloted by Neil Armstrong (also aboard was Dave Scott...a UoM alum!)!!! I don't think it is a coincidence that my son was born in Ohio and within a week of the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing.... :-D

Just like Daddy...uh oh...

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Mommy came home the other day to find Cooper sitting on the floor with Daddy's video game controller, pushing buttons and looking at the TV. There are lots of wonderful ways I want Cooper to be just like his game playing, however, is NOT one of them. :-P

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Alan!!!

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Mother's Day was ALSO, very very important because it was Grandpa Alan's 60th birthday!!!! Cooper got to go with Grandpa to find a very special GeoCache called "60 Years Young." He was able to go off roading into the forest in his jogging stroller and watch Grandpa climb VERY HIGH in a tree to get a clue! Cooper can't wait until he can climb trees with Grandpa (if Mommy lets him...)!!! :)

Mother's Day

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Even though Daddy felt the need to tell Mommy, "Why am I supposed to do something? You're not MY mother?" Cooper did an excellent job on our first Mother's Day. :) First he made me a wonderful picture at school. THEN, he got me an adorable card, wrote a sweet note, and put a gift card for DSW inside. What a smart boy. He knows the way to Mommy's heart...purses and shoes. :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My First Big Boy Meal

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Cooper is doing such an amazing job with big boy foods that on Friday night, we decided to try a baby food-free dinner! he had peas and a grilled cheese! He picked everything up by himself and put it right in his mouth!!!

Straight A's!!!

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We had a parent teacher conference the other day. Cooper finished the "Level I Infant Curriculum" in March with Straight A's!!! That means he Always demonstrated each of the skills they were looking for. He's already flying through Level II. His teacher is very impressed with his progress and they think he is going to be ready to move onto the next classroom very soon...maybe even before his first birthday! I'll be sure to keep the report for his Michigan class of 2031 application. :)

My friend, Joey!

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Last Sunday, Cooper's friend, Joey, came over to play. They played with all of Cooper's toys and had so much fun. Everyone really loved bubble time!!! :-D