Friday, February 25, 2011

Going to See Daddy

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Cooper traveled with mommy all the way to California to spend time with daddy for the long weekend. He had a fever but eventually wanted to spend time outside so he went to the park with daddy. On the last day he went to the California Science Center and learned about all sorts of things and finished the day at the Rainforest Cafe where he got a kick out of all the moving animals. Parting with daddy was real hard but he slept through both flights back. Can't wait until April!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jet Lag

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Poor Baby. :)

Helping Daddy Settle In

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After Christmas, Cooper and I hoped on a plane back to CA with Tomo. We wanted to see Edwards AFB where Tomo will be attending Test Pilot School this year. As you can see, Cooper worked very hard to get everything all unpacked and get his Daddy settled in. So far, Tomo's classes are going great (of course) and he's even started flying! We're counting the days until we go visit over President's Day weekend!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

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Cooper LOVED opening his presents on Christmas morning. He was really good at ripping off the paper. The, when he would see the toy inside he would say, "OHHHH!!!" It was completely adorable. He also carried all the presents from the tree to the right person and helped Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Efrem open their gifts. After opening his presents Cooper got to indulge in a very important Lirtzman Family tradition....Egg Nog French Toast! YUM! Cooper got to spend some time playing with his new toys...his Thomas Train set and his Handy Manny Tool Box were the favorites. Later in the day, we all went to Columbus to celebrate with the whole family at Uncle Ethan and Aunt Bonnie's awesome new house!

"Santa's Little Helper"

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Cooper amazed us by wanting to help put together the tree, string the lights, and hang the ornaments. He carried heavy branches, walked the lights around the tree and brought mommy ornaments from the boxes. He was very careful and got so much satisfaction from being a good helper! It was so much fun!

Japanese Puerto Rican Jew Baby

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As I enjoy telling people, Cooper is a wonderful example of the American "melting pot." 50% Japanese, 25% Puerto Rican, 25% Russian Jew. Even at 17 months old he seems to have a profound understanding and respect for his unique heritage..I guess that's why he, entirely on his own, chose to wander the house in his Tokyo sweatshirt carrying the Menorah in one hand and the Christmas tree star in the other!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Tradition

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Every male in the Lirtzman family since Efrem has been laid on the turkey platter on their first Thanksgiving. This year, we tried to get a nice shot of Efrem, 24 years later, and his 3 young nephews...well, we got a picture. I'm sure someday we'll get them all looking at the camera and smiling..or at least not trying to escape. :)